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How Gazeal works

In association with thousands of highly motivated agents nationwide, we have accomplished a significant feat by delivering enhanced assurance to over 6,000 home movers.


Gazeal is on a mission to revolutionise the home buying and selling process by introducing speed, transparency, and security. We believe the system for transferring property in England and Wales is broken. 


The Gazeal platform helps the seller prepare key information about their property right from the start. The estate agent shares this with buyers, helping them make an informed decision and providing transparency much earlier in the process. A well-informed buyer is much more likely to make an informed, realistic offer on a property, and much less likely to pull out of the sale at a later stage.


After an offer has been agreed upon, both parties can show commitment to each other by signing our digital Reservation Agreement and deciding on the level of Guarantee they would like without having to worry about old-fashioned holding deposits.

Gazeal guarantees the buyer and seller's commitment to each other and will pay out to the injured party, if the agreement is breached without good reason.


To learn more about our service email us at info@gazeal.co.uk