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Home Move Protection: Just Like Car Insurance, Safeguard Against Unexpected Failures!


We've all been there - insuring our cars, hoping to never need them, but knowing it's there for us in case of an accident. Yet, when it comes to our most significant journey, buying or selling a home, we often leave it to chance without a safety net. Gazeal believes it's time to change this mindset, just like how you secure your car with insurance, it's essential to protect your home move with a Reservation Agreement.

While we understand the importance of insuring our car against accidents, the same mindset is not applied when it comes to moving home. We don't expect to crash our car intentionally, but we are mindful of the actions of other people on the road.

Similarly, we don't expect our home move to fail. However, it is crucial to recognize the need for precautionary measures to safeguard against potential pitfalls when we move. Gazeal's Guarantee will help you protect your sale and provide you with peace of mind and security. 


Would you do this?

Imagine walking into a car dealership, falling in love with a vehicle, and without a second thought, driving it off the lot without any paperwork or proof of ownership. Sounds ludicrous, right? Yet, this is precisely what happens in the housing market. Homebuyers and sellers rush to put their homes on the market, often without the necessary paperwork ready, only to face unexpected collapses in the process.

Gazeal's Reservation Agreement is the missing link, the protective layer that ensures a smooth and secure home move. It's an undeniable Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that every estate agent should offer their clients to avoid the pitfalls of a typical property transaction. With a Reservation Agreement in place, both buyers and sellers are committed, reducing the risk of gazundering, delays, and unexpected renegotiations.


But why is this so crucial?

England and Wales are ranked the 42nd hardest country to buy a house in the world, and the process is slow, taking an average of about six and a half months to complete. During this time, uncertainty lingers, and the chances of your move happening as planned are only confirmed 10 days before the actual event. It's a nerve-wracking and unpredictable journey that can be tamed with Gazeal's Reservation Agreement.

Our commitment is to make the process fair, transparent, and smooth for all parties involved, with an independent arbitration process to resolve any disputes if needed.

Don't let chance dictate the fate of your home move. Just as you insure your car, protect your most significant journey with Gazeal's Reservation Agreement. Embrace the change, eliminate uncertainties, and be secure. It's time to make your move with confidence.