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Reservation agreement helps agent list a property worth £5 million.

Agents have now listed over £1.6 billion worth of properties by using our platform and have seen success in winning more listings and protecting their sales. 

Here is a note from one of our agents, who has done hundreds of reservation agreements successfully to help his clients move safely. 


The first story involves the sale of a large, very expensive property worth five million pounds.

"One of the main reasons the sellers appointed us as their Agent was our ability to provide buyer information packs and reservation agreements. They loved the idea of having their property sale-ready before launching it on the market, and this was a crucial factor for them. Thanks to Gazeal, we were able to list more properties by offering our clients a unique value proposition that no other agent is providing in our region."


The second story demonstrates the power of reservation agreements in preventing a sale from falling through. 

"A buyer who had grown frustrated with the slow pace of the purchase process contacted us, expressing a desire to withdraw from the transaction. However, we reminded them that they had signed a reservation agreement and would be subject to a financial penalty if they backed out. This served as a powerful motivator to stay committed to the purchase, and we were ultimately able to exchange contracts."

Gazeal is a free service used by over a thousand estate agents across the country. Get in touch with us to learn more.